Photo/ Graphic Revisions
Included Preferential Revisions
Factual Errors Fixed?
Cost Of Further Revisions
Silver or Gold Photo Package
1 RoundYes$25 Per Image
Platinum Photo Package3 Rounds
Yes$25 Per Image
A+ Content EBC1 Round
Yes$25 Per Image
Amazon Storefront3 Rounds
$25 Per Image

Copywriting RevisionsIncluded Preferential Revisions
Factual Errors Fixed?
Cost Of Further Revisions
Full Listing Copywriting
$15 per individual item

Video Revisions (all packages)
$100 per round

Kenji ROI Photo & A+ Content EBC Revision Policy

The way we present your product comes from a lot of research and 5+ years of Amazon experience. That said, we’re still human and sometimes make mistakes. So for any factual errors, (e.g. we put in the wrong measurements or missed a specific request from your intake form) we make those changes free-of-charge. 

However, for all other preferential changes ranging from graphic style to stock image swaps, we charge a revision fee per image of $25 AFTER the (1st round: Gold & Silver packages or A+ Content EBC / 3 rounds: Platinum package) of changes. 


And any requests requiring a re-shoot is subject to additional photography, model, or location fees on an as needed basis.


We ask that by working with Kenji ROI you trust our expertise in Amazon listing optimization, and understand that in order to deliver a high standard at a reasonable price we need to limit revisions. We hope you understand. (if you’d like an intro to a designer who can offer further unlimited revisions on an hourly basis, let us know).


Revisions Request Procedure

For Any Photo or A+ Content Projects

For any questions or revision requests for you delivery, please do so within the delivered PDF document. *Please add comments to the PDF, not in email to avoid miscommunication. We've found this to get the job done faster with less back & forth.

Requesting Revisions Video Tutorial

  1. Open the PDF for your project from your "Files" tab on left sidebar of & scroll to the area you have a comment/ revision request about.
  2. Hover your mouse over the top of the PDF, then click the "+ Add a Comment"  button
  3. Click and drag to highlight the exact area of image or text related to your request.
  4. Write your comment notes.
  5. Your comments are now marked & easily understood by our team and we will action them!

Kenji ROI Copywriting Revision Policy

For any factual errors, or requests you included in your intake form that we missed, we take full responsibility & fix them.

For any preferential revisions including items not specified in the original intake form, we include up to 10 individual revisions (not 10 rounds of revisions).

Any revisions beyond this will be charged at the rate of $15 per individual item.

Full Listing Copywriting Revision Procedure

For any questions or revision requests for your delivery, please do so within the Google Doc using the "Suggestion Mode" feature. Simply go to the upper right corner of the Google Doc, Switch to "Suggestion Mode," then any edits, deletions, additions will be marked as easily understood comments we can action for you.

Kenji ROI Video Revision Policy

Video Retakes: 

Any video retake requests or new shot requests that were not outlined in your filled out intake form (sent immediately upon order) are not be included in the initial fee and will be charged on a cost plus basis.

We recommend being as thorough and specific as possible when filling out your form if you have specific shots/ vision in mind. Otherwise, our experts will craft the video based on their own research & provided info, & you are trusting our expertise in crafting the video.

Small Video Edits: 

For small, fast edits, we include 1 round of revision requests, but they must not require a re-shoot of additional video footage. Additional rounds of edits are to be charged out at the rate of $100 per round.