When working with Kenji ROI, we expect that you are a professional Amazon Seller that has full intent on following through with your product and launching it on Amazon marketplace. Kenji ROI does not take responsibility for situations outside our control such as but not limited to:

  • Amazon Account Suspension
  • Product manufacturer issues
  • Supply chain issues
  • Amazon ranking or competitor issues.

In no cases above can Kenji ROI take responsibility & provide you with a refund. 

Projects Delivered to The Client

By working with Kenji ROI, clients understand that in order to produce work for them we must lay out expenses on our side before the final work is delivered. For this reason, Kenji ROI can not offer refunds, partial or full on any projects that have been delivered to the client.

Please refer to the Kenji ROI Revision Policy for situations where you need revisions or changes to the work.

Projects Not Yet Started

If Kenji ROI has already started work on a project, including any research, shot list creation, or booking of locations for shoots, then a full refund can not take place.

But if we have not yet started on any work, as long as you let us know before we incur costs on your project we can process your full refund.

Projects Partially Complete

If we have partially completed the project, or already incurred any costs, those costs will be deducted at our cost from your refund. We do not mark up our costs, we simply deduct our actual expenses incurred from your refund.